Tuesday, November 29, 2011

this place...

not many people would have stumbled upon this blog. this doesn't bother me much because it isn't the main purpose of its existence. the reason is for a person really, myself.

this is a place i come to when i virtually have no where else to go (pun intended). this is a place where the other side of me surfaces - the side which many people don't really see or don't bother enough to notice. this is the place where i spew ALL ma emotions and feelings when no one else would listen. oh sure there's the Almighty One, but...this is a place where i can throw a tantrum and anything else i'm feeling and not feel remorseful about it... imagine scolding God for no apparent reason, unfair isn't it? anyway, back to the subject - this is a place where all that's bottled up inside is let loose. this is a place of solace. this is a place which keeps me from exploding in real-life. well, sorta... this is a place which chronicles my life - ma ups and downs (mostly downs). this is a place where i can be none other than, myself.

no masks. no masquerades. no courts. no jesters. no lies. no liars. all truth. all prayers. all hurt. all evil. all love. all people. no pretense. no fire. all hell. all trials...somewhat like that.

starting from today, i will embark on a new journey. a journey i would like to call, the
'Never-present-your-opinion-to-anyone-anywhere-unless-they-desperately-ask-for-it-and-need-it-with-the-condition-that-they-will-be-willing-to-listen-first-to-every-word-of-it-before-casting-a-judgement-or-conclusion-otherwise-it-would-just-be-better-to-keep-ma-mouth-shut! Journey...

a vow of silence. in the footsteps of Snake Eyes...

Friday, May 27, 2011

emotions of the moments...

humans are emotional beings but we must REFRAIN from being emotionally driven...
no more emotionally driven
things are about to be different
i'm putting things in perspective
now on i'm acting selective
gotta think it straight and objective
think it twice and be decisive
i just be chillin' and dealin'
with all ma demons be killin'
this how now i will be rollin'
no one can stop me from going
it doesn't matter the problem
i got ma GOD, you can't stop Him
with hosts of angels be coming
backing me up from the dungeon
breaking the walls and the chains
releasing me from ma pain!

Monday, April 18, 2011

somethin' i felt awhile ago...

just as i was about to allow the cloud to fill this room up
i lost it all, gone berserk, emotions: let it slip up
oh Lord! forgive me, i'm asking of you once again
change me from the inner to the out
won't You just heal ma pain?
wash ma brain, pour Holy Water and Blood over it
i need an emotional anesthetic, help me counter it
i've lost maself for far too many times in ma life
i dunno whether i can ever be a good enough man for ma wife
although i know i should not be thinking 'bout this shit right now
it's just a metaphor of the way i'm really feeling right now
thinking and contemplating about the ways i've been acting
not really right. man! all i've been doing is counter-reacting
defaming and shaming and blaming and name-calling and hating
the only thing i've never done yet, really is just murdering
although at times i beg to differ, ma words tend to wound deeper
and they have to tend the wounds while i break open tender wounds
but why should i move? ain't it got nothin' to do with me?
maybe it has, only 5 minutes in this vicinity
before i go and just have to kill ma f*cking flow
or before another dude comes up to me and has to make me move
but whatever digressing topic from the main counter concocting
it all goes back to the way that i've been really acting
oh Lord! again, i come to You with all ma pain
take it away before i end maself in a train!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


hah! i was spewin' ma feelings, shit you for not understanding
bout me goin' through hell, don't understand? you're speculating
you're spectating. painstaking observations mismatching
i've said ma piece. no more words for me to be wastin'
girlfriends? you livin' in a parallel universe - you delirious.
all this shit bout ma life being turbulent is hilarious!
and the shit about you screwing me for starting this shit??
hey, just a reminder. mutual feelings played a part in this shit
and the fact that you brought it up and blamin' this all on me
shows that you don't know me. hell, and you think you're Kenobi
think you can read ma mind? what's up with ma lyrics and rhymes?
damn! your point of view IS distorted and this ma point of view recorded...


who the f*ck am i kiddin'? without you i'll still be bleedin'
another silver lining? c'mon man, stop with the shittin'
it seems impossible to get over, somethin' takin' me over
and i end up pleadin' for mercy, for you to forgive me
it's like this shit i spill is somethin' that can keep me alive
or alive enough for me not to stab maself with a knife
and i'll give it all to you, i'll give it up for you, you know it's true
don't act like you don't know that this shit's pointed to you
although you knew, i think you do, you won't be settlin' for nothin'
you don't seem to be comin' back to me and that just be hurtin'
and all these words i be blurtin' for me to sink the suspicion
that you found another dude in ma place for a replacement
and i'll be like some other trash that you stash in the basement
no more shit you feelin' for me, no more starin' and gazin'
into the endless bliss in your eyes when i see the connection
the line is down...man, how is it that we comin' round?
i don't think that shit's about to happen no more, so i frown
i'm like another clown, goin' round town with ma head down
wishin' for the good ol' days, i wish i could trade in ma pain
i'mma give up ma playin' ways just to have you again...

Sunday, March 13, 2011

the silver lining...

i guess that was all i needed to hear - your voice...

Friday, February 25, 2011

Ma Five Elements...

i'mma throw at you ballistic missiles and A-bombs
till you have no choice but you have to raise your arms
and i don't care what you think, so don't try to bother
'cause if you do, you just gonna make it a harder slaughter
but even if you do, man, i still don't give a damn
'cause the weather man is in fact, ma biggest fan
he be watching the radar and gauging how far
when the Quake's gonna shake and the storm's gonna wake
when that Typhoon gonna blow into full bloom
Tornado gonna turn, watchin' you burn
by the flames of the rage gettin' caught in the cage
when the Meteors shower, you left with no power...